Introduction to…stuff.

So I was trying to think of things to tell you, because apparently this is confession time.

I am Amanda Ching

Uh. I used to be a high school English teacher, but I haven’t in a while, for many reasons I don’t know I like to talk about.

I was married to a dude named Tianyu Ching for a while, but in April of 2006 he killed himself, and everything sort of fell apart. I was pregnant with our kid, Viola Kenshin, aka VSTROYER OF WORLDS, and so I chose to live off his death benefits and raise her, which I feel makes me, in the words of Tori Amos, a professional widow.

Whilst being a professional widow, I have decided to try my hand at professional writing, which is why I have this writing blog. Nothing here yet, but soon there will be. I have a story coming out.

I’m 34. I like hip-hop, Tenacious D, and opera. I read a lot. I love to cook, specifically Chinese food, and every Chinese New Year I serve 8 courses at Chinghaus, so if you’re ever going to be in town then, let me know. Lately I have been baking cookies specifically, but right now I’m trying to perfect meringue.

My kidlet, Viola is about to turn 4. Right now she has pneumonia. Not. Fun.

I dunno when it was I got this rep for being a bitch or a whatever, but really, I hate confrontation. I used to get all uppity about things, but in the past year I had an anxiety attack and was put on Prozac. I now see a therapist, and sometime over the summer I realised that I am not responsible for your reactions. So while yeah, I try not to step on any toes, I only know what my motivations and reasons, and I am not responsible if you have a bad reaction to my stuff. Likewise, I don’t get upset when you do something that makes me O_o, because that’s your deal, and you don’t have to think about me when you post something. How I act is my thing, not yours. It’s freeing.

What else? Ask me anything.


About Amanda Ching

I write. Fo' you.
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