Yeah, I am doing a fundraiser.

I’m not sure how much you could say I am a runner.  I can do a 5K in 36 minutes if I have been properly encouraged, and yeah, that’s not the optimum time for someone my age, but dammit, I run.
Okay, SO.

I have managed to somehow finagle two friends into run/walking the Pittsburgh Jingle Bell 5K with me on December 8th. It’s also a fundraiser for arthritis, by which I mean I guess we’re raising money to cure it, and not to cause more if it.  Unlike widows and orphans, no one need more arthritis, Morticia.

Anyway, I figured that it can’t hurt to ask you all for donations. I don’t have bad arthritis, but I know people whose lives would be made better if we had super awesome ways to cure it, you know, with SCIENCE!

Also, we have a badass team name, so you can feel better in your geekdom by donating for the one team with balls in the never ending sea of “Team Chrissy”s and “Team Tinsel”s to name themselves SCRUFFY NERF HERDERS.

To donate to our team, you can select “Make A Donation” from the left hand menu, and then choose “Donate to a Team” on the following page. SCRUFFY NERF HERDERS.

Should we surpass a $150 benchmark, I will mail a random donor my sweat-soaked race shirt.


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1 Response to Yeah, I am doing a fundraiser.

  1. Trisha says:

    Totally donated, as a thank you for introducing me to Margaret & Helen. Kick some running ass!

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