Conversations with a 4-year-old

Me: (as we drive past the overflowing funeral home) Wow, that’s a big viewing. They must have been very well loved.
Vstroyer: Is it a party?
Me: A little bit. Someone has died, and people are coming to say good bye.
Vstroyer: Oh. Like at my birthday.
Me: Uhm, not precisely. A funeral is sad sometimes, because someone has died.
Vstroyer: Like daddy.
Me: Yes, like daddy.
Vstroyer: Remember on the bus, when you showed me where daddy was? (last week on the bus when we passed the cemetery, I told her that was where we put Tianyu.)
Me: Yes, right.
Vstroyer: Does he live there?
Me: Not precisely. When someone dies, their body stops moving, and we bury it.
Vstroyer: Oh. (long pause) And then they wake up.
Me: No sweetie. The body stops working, and they kind of become a ghost.
Vstroyer: And then they wake up.
Vstroyer: You’re silly.


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