More conversations with my 4-year-old

It should be noted for posterity that my kid is 6 now, but some of these just have to be documented.

Her: Last night I dreamed, no no, I WISHED, for a pink horsey. And I could RIDE it.
Me: I couldn’t be prouder if you’d got your period or passed all your OWLS.
Her: So yeah, we could get one.
Me:…they don’t make pink horses.


Her: (looking at the new parking lot) They built a road!
Me: Well, now that the strip mall is done, they need somewhere for people to park their cars.
Her:How did they do that?
Me: Well, they know how. You could learn how to build roads and parking lots, too.
Her:Oh yeah!
Me: Yeah, when you get older if you want to, you could be a construction worker like Bob the Builder.
Her: Hrm, okay. But I don’t like the hats.
Me: Well, it’s important to wear the hat so you’re safe.
Her:No. I’ll just wear bunny ears.


Mum: So we met [some old friends from our church] at the grocery store, and they were admiring Viola, and I said something about how she looks like Tianyu, and Viola blurted out, “Mama put Daddy’s body in the forest!”
Me: That’s my girl.


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