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People Who Talk About Social Media the Most

Originally posted on Peas and Cougars:
I don’t know if this chart exists yet, but I just realized it and it needs to exist.

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The Story of Dalek Tom-Tom

So back in 2011, I and Vstroyer drove to Kansas from our home in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, a trip that we now make every year BECAUSE IT IS ACTUALLY CHEAPER TO DRIVE TWO DAYS ACROSS THE COUNTRY THAN TAKING A … Continue reading

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Years ago, I don’t remember who started this idea that actors could get actor’s diseases. This is for purely humorous purposes, so don’t try to see rationality in this. It started with either Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise, but they … Continue reading

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In Which I Read Other People’s Work.

Short blog post this week, because I am not feeling wizard. Also, I am Le Tired. A few years (years?) ago, and old school buddy of mine reached out to me from the nefarious depths of the internet and asked … Continue reading

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January Book Round-up

Keeping a running review list of all the books that I am reading this year, I present: January, which was very effing slow, because I am reading about 8 at once, and also because omg GRRM is not capable of … Continue reading

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