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Apparently, no meaning CAN be found, my padawan learners.

Last week’s “unpopular opinions” was such a smash hit that I decided to whine about more shit, this time pissing off a lot of authors. HAVE FUN! I LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY TODAY. LITERALLY. FIGURATIVELY. WE NEED A … Continue reading

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In Which I Search For Meaning

Recently I have started brainstorming for content for this blog, because I have to write. And I have started writing, oh yes indeedily do. But not fiction. THINGS. Back in the day when we all thought the internet was a … Continue reading

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I am grateful, now fuck off.

Originally posted on Mama Said:
It was some time between midnight and 3am. I was dead asleep. I’d fed the littliest at midnight so it was after that, and it was before he woke up for a feed at 3am.…

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Star Wars: The Legand Continues In Little China PART FIVE: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY

Years ago, when I first started drinking gin and keeping this blog, two things that aren’t related except insofar as they pertain to this particular post, I made a list of topics that I might write about, and taped the … Continue reading

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People Who Talk About Social Media the Most

Originally posted on Peas and Cougars:
I don’t know if this chart exists yet, but I just realized it and it needs to exist.

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The Story of Dalek Tom-Tom

So back in 2011, I and Vstroyer drove to Kansas from our home in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, a trip that we now make every year BECAUSE IT IS ACTUALLY CHEAPER TO DRIVE TWO DAYS ACROSS THE COUNTRY THAN TAKING A … Continue reading

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Years ago, I don’t remember who started this idea that actors could get actor’s diseases. This is for purely humorous purposes, so don’t try to see rationality in this. It started with either Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise, but they … Continue reading

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