#froyo #flavour #superhero

Think on this: You always say #yolo but you never do it. You may froyo, and you may watch Logo, but they are not early as iconic a hashtag as #yolo.

That can change today. You can live a hashtag, for just one moment. Today you can be not #yolo or #swag or even #voteformypringlesflavor (purple rain), but you can be #NationalSuperheroDay.


Because TODAY IS National Superhero Day, or as we all know it, April 28. (and incidentally the day that Jason Todd was murdered (#428 #NEVAH4GET) but #handwave). And OUT FOR A HERO IS STILL AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.

Purchase your copy today and you will be buying into this insane and nonsensical ploy to get you to buy shit using some sort of convoluted appeal to hashtags that aren’t even proper parts of speech. And since I have seen how much you people love to vote for Lay’s flavours, you have no excuse for falling for this.

I mean really. Are hashtags nouns? Adjectives? WTF.

But you should buy it.

#buyit #consume #obey #kickass #chewgum #wearshades #thefutureisthatbright


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